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April 11, 2008 PHOENIX, Arizona – Virtrium LLC, developers of online game technologies and products, announced today that they have launched their Unity Transfer Program to all previous players in Europe.

As part of Virtrium's on going commitment to players past, present and future, the Unity Transfer Program was released. This program allows previous players of the European shard Unity to transfer their characters to the North American shards. Unity was shut down in late 2006 and since that time players from Europe have been unable to access their characters. Virtrium committed significant resources to create tools and technologies that would allow Unity players to be re-united with their characters and find a new home.

Asked about the Unity Transfer Program, Rick Simmons, president of Virtrium, replied, "This is a day long in coming for the players of Unity. We know people put a lot of time and effort into building their characters. To see an end to those characters on Unity was something we personally empathized with players in Europe and their loss. We suggested back in 2007 that we'd make this happen and have been quietly at work since then. We committed a lot of resources to this project. Now that it's out the door, we're seeing people back in game with their character thought lost and there's a lot of happy players."

Testing of the transfer process began February 2008. Five previous players from Unity volunteered to help test and confirm the transfer process. Once all five were fully transferred and successfully confirmed, Virtrium invited all former Unity players to return to the world of Istaria with an offer of free transfers for their characters. Virtrium reports that the response to this offer has proven highly successful and in an effort to reach as many previous Unity players as possible, has asked players in Europe to spread word of the program. After the majority of Unity players have been transfered, the development team intends to begin the Plot Reclamation Process, a game system that will open up plots for in game currency purchase and provide players an opportunity to own land within the game world.

ABOUT UNITY TRANSFER PROGRAM - Further details can be found at the game web site http://community.istaria.com/pg.php/unity_transfer

ABOUT VIRTRIUM - Virtrium LLC, founded in July 2006, is a privately held software development company founded to support the games and technology behind the massively multi-player online games market. Virtrium brings real, applied experience in technology design, development and implementation for the software and techniques behind MMO products – as well as experience behind product launch and continued development in a live, production environment. The company's mission is to provide software technologies and support services that enable the growth of niche entertainment products within the massively multi-player online games market. To find out more about Virtrium LLC, visit http://www.virtrium.com

ABOUT HORIZONS - Originally developed by Artifact Entertainment and published by Atari, the MMO Horizons: Empire of Istaria launched in December 2003 and currently boasts a dedicated following of players worldwide. The ability to play as a flying Ancient Dragon, coupled with comprehensive crafting and community construction, allows Horizons fans to experience, explore and create a world epic in scope. Players are able to take on 10 fantasy roles ranging from the lawful Elf to dark Fiends, as well as more unusual forms, such as the cat-like Saris and horned Satyr. Friends that circle the globe can meet and play together in a world that they can call their own. For more information on Horizons, visit http://www.istaria.com


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