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September 9, 2008 PHOENIX, Arizona – Virtrium LLC, developers of online game technologies and products, announced today the opening of their new merchandise store for "Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted.

"We're excited to see our new Istaria store live. Players have been asking for a place where they can pick up a tshirt or coffee mug for years and we're proud to have the new site online at http://gear.istaria.com" said Rick Simmons, President of Virtrium. "We made a decision to work with Cafe Press instead of setting something up in house so that we can provide players with the widest selection of items and logos. If we'd done this in house, we'd likely have a couple coffee cups and a single tshirt design - but with Cafe Press we've got all the basics, plus calendars, hoodies and boxer shorts - something for everyone!"

"Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted" continues to hold a unique niche in the MMO market as one of the only games with dragons as a playable race. As a Dragon, players begin as a hatchling, and progress through game play to become flying Ancient Dragons. The crafting and building systems in Istaria continues to hold strong appeal for the player community. Players may own and build upon their own piece of land in Istaria, be it on an above ground plot for the biped races, or an underground lair for dragons.

In keeping with their efforts to listen and respond to players' requests, Virtrium has added a unique service to the merchandise store. Bryan Fields, designer for Istaria commented, "Players have a deep relationship with their characters, not to mention their plot or dragon lair in game. What better way to allow players to show off their characters than to work with them to create a shirt with their favorite character on the front, or a poster with a shot of their dragon lair? It's not just the game they're promoting; it's their own unique contribution to it."

ABOUT VIRTRIUM - Virtrium LLC, founded in July 2006, is a privately held software development company founded to support the games and technology behind the massively multi-player online games market. Virtrium brings real, applied experience in technology design, development and implementation for the software and techniques behind MMO products – as well as experience behind product launch and continued development in a live, production environment. The company's mission is to provide software technologies and support services that enable the growth of niche entertainment products within the massively multi-player online games market. To find out more about Virtrium LLC, visit http://www.virtrium.com

ABOUT ISTARIA: CHRONICLES OF THE GIFTED - Originally developed by Artifact Entertainment and published by Atari, the MMO "Horizons" launched in December 2003 and currently boasts a dedicated following of players worldwide. 2008 saw a significant crafting expansion, massive plot revamp and the re-branding as Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted, demonstrating Virtrium's deep commitment to expand development and re-establish story as a significant feature of the game world. The ability to play as a flying Ancient Dragon, coupled with comprehensive crafting and community construction, allows Istaria fans to experience, explore and create a world epic in scope. Players are able to take on the role of Dragon, or one of 10 other races ranging from the lawful Elf to dark Fiends, as well as more unusual forms, such as the cat-like Saris and horned Satyr. For more information on Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted, visit http://www.istaria.com.


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